Can You Use Hemp Oil On Your Face? What It Is, Benefits, And More

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If you have been battling acne and its related issues, you should get yourself hemp oil. Hemp oil (hemp seed oil) is non-comedogenic, and this makes it a good recommendation for your routine face oil.

After embracing oil for your face, we’re often faced with the decision of choosing the oil or oils we should apply to our skin, especially our faces. If you’re reading this post, I believe you are looking for answers to your questions about hemp oil.

And for acne-prone skin, a friend may have suggested that you try hemp oil. Either way, this is the best place to get all the information you need on what it is, its benefits, and how to incorporate hemp oil into your routine.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa.

This cold-pressed oil is rich in omega-6 and 9 fatty acids which are essential for the health and appearance of the skin. Hemp oil, in appearance, is more comparable to olive oil. Also, other nutrients present in hemp oil include antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Hemp oil is a dry, moisturizing oil; therefore, it quickly absorbs into your skin and helps to retain moisture and keep moisture levels steady. This oil is very soothing, and this makes it suitable for every skin type.

Moreover, as a carrier oil, you can use it to dilute essential oils like (not limited to the list) cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and carrot seed essential oil.

Additionally, hemp oil has great antimicrobial properties that make it good for treating and preventing infections.

Will hemp oil clog your pores?

Hemp oil will not clog pores.

It has a zero comedogenicity rating. Hemp oil is very moisturizing and fills in the role of sebum, your skin’s natural oil, and helps to regulate oil levels.

Furthermore, it is a dry oil and quickly absorbs into your skin leaving no residue or grease on your face. Hemp oil moisturizes your skin and keeps it from getting dry or becoming too oily. Consequently, it balances oily skin.

Can you use hemp oil on your face?

Hemp oil is a good fit for your face oil.

Before any other factor, the first thing you’ll hear is your face oil should be non-comedogenic and hemp oil does not clog your pores.

This oil is unrefined and as such it does not contain any additives that may cause adverse reactions.

Facial skin is much thinner than the skin on other parts of your body. It requires moisture and essential nutrients to look its best. More so, it is more prone to infections and more exposed to harsh elements.

Hemp oil is gentle and fortifies your skin with fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic fatty acids which help your skin to build resilience and keep these nutrients in. Despite being an oil, it is highly tolerated by people with oily and acne-prone skin types.

In addition, hemp oil can be of cosmetic benefit to your face. As an oil, it increases the efficiency of makeup application, giving you a seamless finish.

How is hemp oil good for you?

Moisture boost

Oils are naturally moisturizing, and hemp oil is not excluded. It contains high amounts of vitamin E, a natural humectant that helps your skin to retain moisture.

Hemp oil does not produce moisture, rather it uses vitamin E to attract moisture to your skin and retain it in the layers of your skin.

As a result, it replenishes moisture when applied topically during harsh weather conditions and if you naturally have dry skin. Your skin looks and feels hydrated, supple, and with a natural glow.

Hemp oil is for your skin type

Oily, acne-prone, and also sensitive skin types can get very picky with what goes onto their skin and what does not. Not with hemp oil. It is a great pick for every skin type. It moisturizes dry skin and keeps it hydrated, balances oily skin, and soothes sensitive skin types.

Most importantly, it doesn’t clog pores. You have almost nothing to worry about with hemp oil.

Skin oil and water balance

Oil and water level balance is a by-product of the steady moisture levels hemp oil provides your skin. It mimics sebum and tricks your skin into thinking it has produced enough oils. Consequently, your skin does not get too oily or dry.

Also, your skin does not overcompensate with an overproduction of oil. Moreover, its moisture retention property and the essential fatty acids help to maintain and enhance your natural barrier, preventing transepidermal water loss. 

Anti-aging vitamins

Hemp oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and fatty acids. These nutrients work together to keep your skin plump and fight off premature aging.

If your skin already has fine lines and wrinkles, topical application of hemp oil can help improve its appearance.

Moreover, they stimulate the synthesis of collagen which in turn makes your skin firmer and able to retain moisture and its original shape.

Anti-inflammatory property

Like earlier mentioned, hemp oil is good for every skin type. It soothes the inflammation that comes with sensitive skin and any other skin type. Additionally, it relieves itching and calms your skin. More on that, its soothing action is quick with results.

Improved skin immunity

Hemp oil contains nutrients that help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. And a functioning barrier helps to block out environmental irritants and microbes that can affect the health and appearance of your skin.

It makes your skin resilient against free radical damage and prevents moisture loss which can expose your skin to breakouts and inflammation. In addition, vitamin E works on the inside, stimulating blood (which carries nutrients and oxygen) circulation and reproduction of blood cells.

Hemp oil is therapeutic

The nutty aroma of hemp oil is therapeutic. Using it for face massage calms your nerves and helps you relax. While it does this, it fortifies your skin with nutrients.

Alcohol-free makeup remover

Who wouldn’t want alcohol-free beauty products? Alcohol can be very drying and expose your face to more breakouts than you’re managing. You can use hemp oil to clean off makeup in no time. Besides, it’s safe for your eye area.

Skin rejuvenation

Hemp oil plumps your skin and restores it to its youthful glory. Vitamin C, a skin-brightening vitamin, works with vitamins A & E to protect your skin from aggressors that can make your skin age. Moreover, hemp oil makes your skin glow naturally.

Can you use hemp oil for face wrinkles?

Yes, you can.

Hemp oil helps to treat aging. It contains vitamin A, a good anti-aging vitamin. This vitamin helps to smoothen facial wrinkles and restore elasticity.

In addition, vitamin E, a humectant, boosts your skin’s moisture levels and keeps it hydrated; a good mechanism for preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Also, the fatty acids help to plump your skin and strengthen your lipid barrier, fighting off the effect of UV rays and other environmental irritants that can make your skin age.

Can you use hemp oil for acne?

Hemp oil is good for oily and acne-prone skin.

Alongside balancing oily skin, it has potential antibacterial properties that can help prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Furthermore, hemp oil contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that can help to fade acne scars.

In tandem with the moisturizing compounds in the oil, it fastens the healing process, keeps the area moisturized, and prevents scar formation.

CBD also stimulates collagen production and enhances cell turnover and tissue generation which are essential processes in healing.

Can you use hemp oil for eczema?

Hemp oil is one of the few oils that help to get rid of eczema.

In particular, its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great oil for treating and soothing eczema. Hemp oil also calms irritation and encourages the generation of new skin cells. Furthermore, it alleviates dryness and relieves itching.

How to use hemp oil in your routine

Hemp oil face serum

Oil serums are very good for your face. They are moisturizing and nourishing. To make hemp oil serum, you’ll need essential oil, rosehip oil or jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of lavender or rosehip oil, 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, 4-5 tablespoons of hemp oil, and 3-5 drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • Then, mix all the oils in a dark glass bottle
  • Thereafter, take a few drops in your palm and gently tap the oil into your skin
  • You can do this as a special routine to fade dark spots or as the last thing on your night routine
  • Most importantly, store the oil in a cool place, away from sunlight

Facial steaming

Facial steaming opens your pores, dissolves debris, and cleanses your skin. Also, it enhances blood circulation. And hemp oil is therapeutic and good for oily skin. Follow these steps to use hemp oil for facial steaming:

  • Clean your face of excess sebum, dirt, and makeup; then, dry with a clean towel
  • Take hemp oil in your palm and massage it into your face
  • Afterward, pour hot water into a clean bowl and place your face over the bowl, about 6-8 inches away but within the reach of steam
  • Cover your head over the bowl with a thick towel to trap the steam
  • Hold your head in that position for about 10 minutes
  • Thereafter, you can use a clay mask to draw out the dissolved clogs or rinse your face with warm water right away
  • Clean your face with toner to balance your pores
  • Then, moisturize properly

Are there side effects to using hemp oil for your face?

Hemp oil is generally safe for every skin type unless ingested.

On first contact with the skin, some people may experience slight irritations and redness which should not last long. However, if it does, discontinue use and see a doctor.


can you use hemp oil on your face

Does hemp oil tighten skin?

Yes, it does.

Hemp oil is a natural skin tightener. By balancing oil levels, the oil relieves your skin of oil clogs, alleviates the tightness that comes with dry skin, and reduces the appearance of your pores. Also, it contains antioxidants that firm your skin and make it look youthful.

Can hemp oil be absorbed through your skin?

Yes, it can.

Hemp oil is a dry, lightweight oil that quickly absorbs into your skin and leaves no residue. Rather than clogging your pores, it seals in moisture and fortifies your skin with nutrients.

Can you leave hemp oil on your face overnight?

Yes, you can.

Hemp oil is considered a dry oil. it absorbs into your skin without leaving residue. You can use it to finish your night facial skincare routine. It moisturizes your face overnight and leaves you with supple, glowing skin.


Hemp oil may not be as commonly mentioned as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and argan oil, but it is a potent oil. It does not clog pores or leave residues.

Every skin type can benefit from the range of health to cosmetic benefits of using this oil. However, as a hemp oil first-timer, you should be sure that the oil perfectly works with your skin. You can know this with a patch test.

Incorporate hemp oil into your routine and reap maximum benefits.

Thanks for reading.

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